Friday, June 27, 2008

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention Preview!

Thanks to a friend, I got a preview of Singapore's first ever Toy & Comic Convention this evening. The event is open to the public from tomorrow (Sat) 11am onwards @ Suntec Convention Hall. It's a great event, almost like a toy and comics wonderland... lolz. Ok ok, there are artists of their creations at the booths and you can get their signatures on the toys you buy, posters...etc etc. Even at the entrance itself, I got a live demo of artists at work.

Since we were among the first few into the event, we saw some of the artists being interviewed. I'm sure there will be plenty of reports soon in the media...etc etc. Heh here's a few of the 'action' captured. Heh do you find that the artist for Monsterism (3rd photo below) and the toy in the foreground has some resemblance? lolz.

Personally I'm impressed by the Star Wars displays. Ok ok I'm biased cos' I already like Star Wars... but here goes the photos! Recognise the scene of this setup in the 1st photo?

Other than other big names like Lego, McDonalds, Nintendo, Chuangyi... etc there are also a number of smaller local setups displaying their products. I found this card game "Men at Sea" quite interesting.

Heh heh oh yah, at the convention you could also have a chance to take photos with the Masked Rider! Hmm ok enough photos, and for those who want experience all these yourselves, make your way down to Suntec Convention Hall this weekend! Have fun!

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