Monday, June 30, 2008

Science or fiction: It's better not to 'think' for decision making?

Wow, just read this article on Wall Street Journal online where
...The brain, they have found, appears to make up its mind 10 seconds before we become conscious of a decision...Such experiments suggest that our best reasons for some choices we make are understood only by our cells. The findings lend credence to researchers who argue that many important decisions may be best made by going with our gut -- not by thinking about them too much.
It seems that we should not think before making decisions, especially when the decision involves a lot of complicated factors...

Dutch researchers led by psychologist Ap Dijksterhuis at the University of Amsterdam recently found that people struggling to make relatively complicated consumer choices -- which car to buy, apartment to rent or vacation to take -- appeared to make sounder decisions when they were distracted and unable to focus consciously on the problem.

Moreover, the more factors to be considered in a decision, the more likely the unconscious brain handled it all better, they reported in the peer-reviewed journal Science in 2006. "The idea that conscious deliberation before making a decision is always good is simply one of those illusions consciousness creates for us," Dr. Dijksterhuis said.

It is quite funny in some ways. Hmm maybe there is such a thing as fate after all, which controls all our decision making such that the 'choice' was made even before the conscious mind 'think' about it. So I guess it's better not to 'think' too much in life, just let the gut feel guides one along. So there is some truth to those 'I've a feeling this will works' statements.

Implications for those Toto and 4D buyers... just go for the gut feel. Hee hee wonder what this means for those who played in the 'Who wants to be a millionaire?', perhaps they would have made better choice instead of calling their friends.

Wonder what this means for those 'consultants' who are paid millions to 'advise' their clients for multi-millions project. Does it means they should have 'interview' the clients with hypothetical scenarios and then record down the 'gut feel' results, re-craft these results, and present them back for their clients?

Lolz, ok, so I wonder what set of 6 numbers will come out tomorrow for the Toto... feeling... feeling ...feeling... blank. Ouch...

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