Sunday, May 11, 2008

Temp Tekka Market @ Race Course Road

The Tekka wet market and hawker centre had been closed since 1 May for renovation. It seems a bit strange now when I pass by the place to see a deserted location where it used to be bustling with life. I do miss some of the food there, especially the cheap chicken rice & nasi bryani. So I'll be without good hawker food for the next 16 months. The only good thing is that parking spaces are easier to find now. :p

Just for curiosity sake, I went to take a look at the temporary market located nearby at Race Course Road. It's a bit far to walk in from the main road. I took a few pictures of the stalls.

I took a walk inside and found a number of the familiar foodstalls. Looks like business is still not too bad. Of course, this is sunday, so I'm not so sure about the normal weekday crowd.

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