Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ever heard of BookCross@SG? Heh, a friend told me about it sometime back but I never participated in any of its activities. BookCross@SG (organised by NLB I think):
is a ‘book X-change cycle’ where books will be left in public places (hotspots) for a person to find and/or pick, aka “catch”, and upon completion of reading, “release” the book at any hotspot for the next potential reader to catch it. Supported by, each book will be identified by the BookCross@SG logo and “tagged” with a unique ID number.
Books are placed at hotspots which include the public libraries. A few months back I was at Marine Parade Library when I saw this BookCross spot and it was empty, so I thought the activity has died down.

However, when I visited the National Library a few days back, I saw the request for books where people could donate their english novel in the box.

In just a couple of days (I visit the library often), the box filled up! In the box there were pretty decent novels, including a Warcraft novel & AD&D novel. Not bad! So that tempted me to have a short visit to their website, and based on the number of hits, one could see that the BookCross movement is still quite active. They even organised various activities that include a short 'literary tour' of Singapore.

Heh maybe I should give it a try someday.

Afternote: There are other 'crossings' around, for example there is also Postcrossing for postcards!

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