Saturday, May 10, 2008

Star Cruise Aquarius - Part 2

On day three of the cruise, we had a Phuket programme. Again didn't do anything too adventurous so we opted for a simple tour of Phuket. Before the disembarkation, all the 'tourists' had to gather at this lounge, where we watched the 'Zheng Ho' performance previously.

Then individual groups were called off, and here starts the Phuket Island trip!! Firstly we visited a cashew nuts factory. Unlike the Batik workshop at Penang, this place is really a cashew nuts factory. The guide explained that the cashew apples were brought in from Thailand mainland, but processed at this outlet. I didn't know that cashew apple is edible, and the guide explained that the bitter apple flesh could be made into different products. I bought this cashew apple juice with soda, quite nice actually.

After that the bunch of us were brought to another tourist shop named Wang Tulang. Expensive place selling lotsa expensive goods, including big gemstones. Nope I didn't buy anything here. At the end of the shopping at Wang Tulang, they served us free drinks... hmmm.

Straight after the shopping, we were brought to a buffet lunch that was included as part of the package. The place is quite nice, and they served flower tempura! I wouldn't recommend the tempura for the taste but since it's somewhat a novelty I tried it. Nope didn't like it cos' it's simply bitter with not much taste.

After lunch we were brought into another shopping complex. Nice place for the expats I suppose, else why would you want to shop at the Phuket Zara? Yes, they have Zara here at the Phuket 'Central Festival'! The only purchase I made here was for a can of Oolong tea made in Singapore, and it cost me about S$0.90.

Now for the more exciting part, the Phuket beach! We were brought to patong beach, yupz the more touristy beach of Phuket. At the beach I saw this preparation and taking off....

After the beach walk, we went back to the ship. Overall I didn't spend much again, except to buy the different food / snacks back home. Spent about 1400 Baht (approx S$62) in total.

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