Tuesday, April 01, 2008

"Silverfish" Fried Rice

Heh we are all familiar with 銀魚炒饭 which is quite yummy, and easily found at local Chinese stalls. I found a pic of the fried rice on flickr. However, the English translation of it is quite funny... it is 'Silverfish fried rice'. I captured a pic of the menu at the Budget terminal from Hans...

The funny part is that Silverfish (not the actual 銀魚) is actually the name of a kind of pest that eats papers. So it's sort of weird for international travellers who just reached the Budget Terminal, and see that item on the menu... they must be thinking "weird cheap food at Singapore Budget terminal, they serve rice with pests?!". lolz.

During my search for the chinese wiki on silverfish, I came across this forum thread where obviously they got the mix up between the fish and the pest. Quite a funny read.

heh heh... next time when I'm overseas... maybe I shld just order silverfish with rice at the western restaurant... and see what they serve me :p

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