Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spiderwick Chronicles - Good Movie

Watched the movie "The Spiderwick Chronicles" and find it's quite a good movie. The plot is simple and somewhat predictable. Heh it's fantasy setting movie adapted from children's books of the same name so I didn't have any high expectation in the plot sense. But the effects are quite good and there is no lull in the movie, i.e. every part is presented with a bit of surprise.

It's not an epic style kind of fantasy setting like Lord of the Ring but is entertaining enough for those who like goblins, griffins and faeries. Some parts are funny, especially the last few scenes when Hogsqueal threaten the griffin that he will eat the big bird someday. Overall a good enough choice if you have no other movies in mind, but not a great loss if you miss it.

Bought the Spiderwick combo popcorn set that comes with this luggage tag (pic below) but wonder who will ever use it for their luggage? Maybe I can try using it next time... hmmm.

Read in the wiki entry that there is even a game based on the Spiderwick Chronicles, wow. Oh and below is the trailer for those interested. The website of the Spiderwick Chronicles books is also quite interesting with illustrations of the different creatures.

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