Friday, November 09, 2007

A Church in Bern (Saturday)

Was in Bern for work and I took some time to walk around the city / town. Nice place, quiet, and quite beautiful. Of course, the pace is not too fast, and not much activities actually I think. maybe cos' I can't read or speak German, and thus couldn't find enough interesting things to do... dunno.

Walked into a nice cathedral, which the guidebook said that it's called Munster. Interesting name. Cos' my digital camera battery ran out, thus i took some pictures using the handphone one instead. Here's the pics:

Then there is this big big organ ( I think) right at the back of the cathedral:

Of course, there are also nicely painted glass and statues:

Visited the cathedral on a Saturday. Saturday seems to be their market day, and right outside the church and as well as along many streets, there are a lot of people selling fresh products. The vegetables and fruits look really good and fresh. Maybe cos' of the weather there the veges can last longer I suppose. There is also a stall selling rabbit meat, and I saw a skinned rabbit hanging there... hmmm...

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