Friday, November 09, 2007

The Bear Pit

Also visited the Bear Pit in Bern. Seems like the name of the place, i.e. Berne, is named after the bear cos that is the first animal that some Duke killed a long long time ago during the founding of the place.

We reached the bear pit at 9.05am, only to realise that the bears are let out only at 930am...zzz... standing around in freezing cold temperature to wait for bears is not much fun. At 930am, the bears are out. One of them stepped out of the 'hole'... walked a bit... and walked over to the other hole where the other bear was kept. Seems like the first bear is making a wake up call to the other bear.

Some folks started cutting up apples and pears which they threw to the bears later. Here's the pics:

Among the two, this bear below is the smarter one. This bear would sit there and wait for the folks to throw the fruits for it, and catch the fruits as it was thrown. This it enjoyed a breakfast without having the need to walk around much.

Other pics I would put when I got a chance to transfer them over from the laptop... see when I'm free bah. :)

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