Monday, July 30, 2007

What Do We Subscribe To?

Was reading this news article on AsiaOne about rich folks living in condo where the person lives in the entire 11 story condo apartment with only 3 family members. Then was recalling that just a couple of hours ago I saw at the road junction an elderly of about 60 plus years of age crushing drinking cans, putting them in a bag to sell for a living. Each crushed can fetches something like 5cents?

And I wonder at the income inequality here, where the rich get featured in the news with their riches with the official line for the rest to work hard...harder... longer... there was another article which says that about 1 person per 100 of the 4.5 millions here (which of course means the non-locals are included) are worth US$1 million each, housing not included. Heh one of these days I shld stop reading such articles... lolz....

Was also recalling a conversation I had with a non-Singaporean friend, who simply appreciate every living moment, with less emphasis on future achievements. All these make me wonder what do we subscribe to? I make conscious effort now to appreciate the refreshing views when I jogged along the Esplanade side (yes... occasionally i do jog :p ), but somehow can't shake off the feeling that I'm as trapped as everyone else in the rat race... somehow I guess the competitive pressure of this society is making everyone feeling like crushed drinking be used to the maximum... zzz....

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