Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great chicken rice n traditional steamboat (Yet Con)

Today is blogging day...cos... WoW is down for maintenance...zzz

Heh o.k. was at this place - Yet Con located at Purvis Street (near Raffles Hotel, and yesh... within 'walkable' distance for me) where they served great chicken rice. Very traditional food place. I tried not just the chicken but also their stirred fried vegetables. The vegetables have that... hmmm 'wok heh' (in cantonese) that makes it simply so good to it. Nowadays not many places could serve simple food like that with such great taste.

I tried their traditional steamboat on 2nd visit. Charcoal type, with meat all prepared (not buffet hor)... and the soup base is good!! No msg, hmm i think they put plenty of chicken bones in to stew it. The food is fresh and the ambience is like... hmm 1970s-80s type. The place is crowded so better go early... here's a pic i took:

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