Saturday, July 07, 2007

Game & Music

Heh didn't blog for quite some time cos of heavy work commitments. So some of these wld be not so fresh entries.

Attended the Singapore Arts Fest concert of Play! And it is fantastic! lolz.... rare to see a full orchestra playing our favourite game music.... kekeke especially touching to see Mario Bros' game scene on the big screen while the orchestra plays the all-too-familiar Mario tune... big thanks to my colleague Ja for the tickets... lolz. Took a pic of the blue dragon mascot at the entrance.

That night attended the Granado Espada game launch at zouk... hmm wld have gone in the afternoon but afternoon got concert. The night event is only so so... thought they wld have played more in-game music there... Took a pic of the 'monster' at the door. GE is another good online game...good primarily cos of the music... excellent music actually...

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