Monday, June 11, 2007

Pictures from Austria

Went Austria end of May - beginning of June for work. Hmm watched like total of 4.5 movies on plane... 1) Last Dance, 2) 200 Pounds Beauty and on way back 3) Bridge to Terabithia, 4) Casino Royale, and parts of Troy.

Hmm Last Dance is thought provoking.... 200 pounds is touching... Bridge to Tera is well.. a bit sad and yet inspires hope (?) and Casino is err just a James Bond movie bah... but the dialogue at some parts is quite funny... Troy painted a somewhat different picture of the original story... lolz

O.k. to the pictures from my room

Now it's spring time going to summer... so plenty of flowers

hmm also visited these two places... but a pity didn't have enough time to spend in Vienna...

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