Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rise of China culture?

Hmm not sure if many of you realised, but there are a lot of chinese related news nowadays. Not in chinese the race, but as in China chinese.

Culture wise, it is also interesting to hear chinese songs that promoted its culture/language above that of western culture/language.

Heard 中国话 by S.H.E? or 将军令 by 吴克群. From 中国话 you get this:


I know it's already a trend, but when you start to realise the pride they have in their own country, then it's time to realise time changed.... few years back bet you don't see this as part of popular culture. Was in Beijing 3 years ago, and a Beijing native proudly told me that China is the next power within 20 years. Now 3 years later... I wonder if we should accelerate the timeframe to within 10 years?

hmm 孔夫子的话越来越国际化... true?

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