Saturday, May 27, 2006

Club club and a mundane sat nite...

hmm recently club a bit ... yah just a bit (twice to MoS) and currently organising another session coming week. Shld be fun I suppose cos we are getting a few folks who nvr join us before. Though not sure if anyone wld fly kite (quite likely) at the last minute. Haiz... then wld stay at home and watched anime le.

Still 'chasing' Bleach. but watching only 20 minutes per week is quite a boring thing. Oh well, may try some new online games and see how. Maple is still fun, esp with the new maps. But playing the same game with the same interface for over 1 year plus now...can be a bit bored at times. Wonder when Maple wld release a new character, shld be more fun that way :)

My sis got good results and she bought me 4 littles cats deco...but now I dunno where to place them... hmm maybe on my shelf bah. See how... still got a pile of letters to go though..haiz...


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