Monday, June 05, 2006

Guild Wars, Martial Heroes...and PC show

heh, for the past 1 week I've been playing two new online games... Guild Wars and Martial Heroes...

Guild Wars has great graphics and game machine, but I can't seems to find any S'pore players. Haiz... then very boring to play just by myself. Lack of interaction.... seems more like a single player games.

Martial Heroes seems o.k. Grpahics not there...but since there are more players in the field when i battled, it's more interactive. In the town too where there are players selling stuff and chatting, more fun that way. Somehow there isn't a nice combi of the two, else I guess I wld play more of the game.

Anyway...yupz playedtoo much game le. Guild Wars has a nice function of a time reminder. When I played more than 3 hours, it wouldsay 'You have played the game for 3 hours. Please take a break.' Haa...funny but useful. I stop when it reached 4 hours. Mua haa haa

Went PC show, bought a MMC card of 512 mb for my mobile. Hmm tried to cut a graphics into the card but somehow failed. Wld try again... The show too crowded le. The booth selling the MMC card was so crowded that I decided to buy from another one, cost $0.50 more but o.k. lah. Prices varied too. One both sold it for $20.40, another $20.90 and yet another $33!! .... all Kingston 512mb MMC de...strange... they nvr compare mkt prices...
o.k. late nite...

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