Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blog from BangKok

Hmm today rushed from NUS to Changi Airport.... to board plane...SQ64...then end up there is a valve problem for the plane and all of us end up waited another 2 hrs on the plane....haiz... Watched Match Point on the plane while waiting... and switched show halfway... stupid sad fatalistic show... dunno ending... but not really keen to know.

So I landed in BangKok abt 5plus (local time) ...reach hotel abt 6plus... the hotel is fantastic!!! Really catered for a printer and full set of stationery. First time I see a hotel with highlighter, scissors, glue...etc etc and stable writing table.

Rm is also great, faced the river. Big room with excellent bathing facilities, bath tub... even a CD player with bosse speakers and 4 CDs! Big double bed...hmmm. End up I'm listening to a particular Thai CD for like 4 times... haa. But normal days I wld nvr stay here though...S$400 plus per day I heard.... haa! Thoughtful staff too, who asked me to get an umbrella when I went out.

Then 7pm i reached Chinatown buy the usual stuff... eat bird's nest and roadside stall... well... that particular activity has a lot of meaning to me.... Then it rained!! heavy rain... hard time to catch a cab to go MBK....going MBK just to buy instant noodle!!! haa haa haa Thai instant noodle is good de! Do I look like a Thai (too fair rite??). Why almost everyone I bumped into (Taxi driver, casher) all talked to me in Thai, even when I didn't respond.

Reached hotel at 8 plus...and of course started to log a bit... haiz. And now blog. Somehow when I'm overseas I feel tired more easily. Tired le... but the room so good... i slp so early a waste.... haiz...

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