Sunday, January 01, 2006

1st Meal of 2006


Parents away for 2 days and yesh... I've been cooking meggie mee for meals... so today (ignoring my brunch of 2 bread slices) I decided to add more stuff to the meggie mee. So here' my dinner:

2 packsof thai duck flavour meggi mee
200g? (size wise equal to my clench fist) of minced meat
25 or so ikan billis shredded into fine pieces by hand (and nails... ;p )

I cooked the mee first while waiting for the meat to de-frost...sigh didn't know de-frosting take such a long time... anyway then throw away the water, keep the mee.

Then cooked meat and fish with a pack of flavouring (thai meggie mee flavouring are very good!) until they are cooked, then throw in the mee...stir...add in chilli powder (comes with the meggie mee) and voila...done!

Taste not bad (cos of the flavouring and chilli) but time could do with just 1 pack of meggie mee...and less meat... haa too big a bowl le...

O.k. o.k. I'm not talented in cooking...must go and learn from my gd fren steve kekeke.

Happy New Year!

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