Monday, November 28, 2005

Melbourne Trip

Heyo... a long time since I last posted anything here, cos I spent 2 weeks in Melbourne.
Melbourne is a nice city, easily walkable, once I figured that the street I was on runs from N to S, and not E to W. Can be quite confusing cos I saw the sun set in one direction and thought I was walking in a diferent direction...dun understand? Oh well neber mind...

Ate at a lot of different restaurants, visited their casino (lost A$18), their museums, vineyards...etc. Done a lot of things but was quite tired after a while... People there are friendly, and of a cosmopolitan mix. Easily half of the people there are Asians. And yah, quite easy to spot fellow S'porean haa haa.

Took the opportunity to swim too, and for a lazy bum like me, that's quite an achievement le... Maybe cos I was inspired by the show 'The Biggest Loser' too... now how much weight have I lost? Also got more sunshine then usual, and so I got slightly tanned a bit... just a bit, and I hope it stays... i would go for more swims during lunch le...hopefully can exercise while same time get a bit more colour for my 'white white' skin...

Then met an old friend there, who actually took the same flight as me, cos he is going there to work for 3 months... had a good chat with him.

Oh, and also took a tour of the Great Ocean! But got plenty of flies..... hmm no pics of Melbourne cos it's all on my office computer...will post some in future if I remember.... haa

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