Friday, November 04, 2005

Adventures at the snow field

Well the Ossyria is fun, but after a while I'm bored le... so Wind, me and Sun decides to explore a little... at the fieldwith little yetis, we found this nice little deserted house.

Then remember I took a pic with a penguin some time back? I saw a bigger one? It looks quite sad though...

Not just a big size penguin, but I saw it riding a big yeti too!! Looks like a slaver though... muaa haa haa

Then hor I saw these two gers taking a break, of course I took pics then...

And the three of us explore another big house later... and I saw a floating person... I checked le, her feet really not touching the ground...

Maybe it's bad luck to check if she is really floating...cos subsequently I was killed by another big yeti... the penguin master shld have taken better care of these yetis... ;p

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