Tuesday, November 01, 2005

2nd Day at Ossyria

Today I met Hu... and also got pics of Wind & Hu....
First time i met Hu, we were hanging on ropes... haa. It's Sun, Wind, me then Hu.

Ropes hanging from ballon sia, I must be very very light.... now who accuse me of over-eating?! Then we have a fashion show.... Wind on the left, follow by Hu, then Sun then me... in our usual equipment 1st (yes i wearing new stuff)

And viola!! Wind in beach wear, Hu in new clothes and Sun wear a tube top!!

Then hor, after training for a while we are all bored... fighting big kitties also no kick, so we decided to see dark cats!

I sneaked in first with shadow cloaking me... (actually wind went in before me... but no pics)
Then I sneaked out, planned the battle with the rest of the guys...dunno where Sun goes... (Eric joined us)

But Hu died on the way... Wind can't come in, Sun got dc (or comp hang?) and left oni me and Eric to make it to the new place... a yet to activate portal? Dunno wat, but the cat sure is big and black...and cute!

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