Monday, October 31, 2005

1st Day at Ossyria

We are finally here....!! Oni me and Kuey though cos we lost Sun le... then Kuey also dc...

While searching for Kuey, saw this stray warrior... level 22 also come ah... though got bunny help, but not much le... sent her back to Victoria island.... hmm hopefully she can level there..

Then I finally got a pic of eric!! The guy with golden sword (worth how much ah?), and I also saw angel with wings!!

Here's all stars of 4 of us! Eric, me, Sun, Kuey...resting at a floating platform...

Then me and Eric hide underwater hee hee

Then I saw a penguin! so tickled by it muaa haaa haa haa... and a guy with camel in snow land...why the camel can survive ah? Bluff pple...

and saw an old man who make shoes... that's Kuey on the left, Eric, then me... more to come... cos i levelled le... got new equipment!

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