Monday, July 25, 2011

Strawberry Beancurd @ Old Airport Road Market

Many of us have tried soy beancurds and we know of the more popular ones e.g. Rochor Beancurd. But have you tried other alternative flavours of beancurd before? Well if you are interested, there is the strawberry beancurd that could be found at 51 Soya Bean @ Old Airport Road Market.

The taste of the strawberry beancurd is quite refreshing. Unlike the texture of other traditional soya beancurd, this strawberry beancurd is more like a custard dessert. The chilled beancurd is not too sweet, and there is no additional sugar syrup added. The aroma of strawberry is not too strong either, which makes it a a good complement to the other hawker fare.

The price is a bit steep for chilled beancurd found at a hawker centre - $2.50 per serving. While there are two prices stated ($1.50 & $2.50), the lady offered only 1, i.e. $2.50 version. So if you are at the Old Airport Road market and want to try out a different version of beancurd, there is the strawberry beancurd at the 51 Soya Bean stall.

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