Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Popiah @ Albert Centre Hawker aka Queen Street Market

Popiah is one of the standard hawker centre dish, and there are times when folks organised popiah / Kueh Pie Ti party as gatherings during the festive seasons. There are only a limited number of places where one could get the entire 'popiah set' with popiah skin, turnip / carrot, sauces etc packed nicely to go. It used to be that I need to drive to the Marine Parade hawker centre to get such sets.

So I am quite happy to see the appearance of not just 1 but 2 popiah stalls at the Albert Centre Hawker Centre (aka Queen Street Hawker Centre). Actually both stalls are licensees of the Fortune Food franchise (I believe), and there are a total of about 7 such stalls spread across the island. Those who are interested to get their popiah or kueh pie tie sets can visit the Fortune Food website.

The popiah from these stalls cost $1.30 each and there are also Kueh Pie Ti (5 for $3). The popiah is quite nice, and the chilli is just spicy enough. There is even some form of 'government endorsement' since there is a photo of President Nathan with Fortune Food's employees, pasted at the stall. 

There were reports that popiah is one of the healthier hawker food, at least it is healthier than cha kway teow or hokkien mee. Thus for those who are interested to eat more healthily, try out the popiah at these hawker stalls (Albert Centre Hawker)!

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