Monday, December 14, 2009

My Type Restaurant - Eat According to Your Blood Type

We chanced upon this restaurant - 'My Type' when we passed by Shenton Way (Golden Shoe area) area on Saturday. The concept of eating food according to your blood type seemed interesting and so we popped into the shop.

They served us the food menu according to our blood types, and we ordered set meals for each type respectively, since we weren't sure what to expect. We had the soup which was alright. The bread were quite nicely baked, and according to the menu there was no wheat in the bread. I guess I was too engrossed reading the history of blood types to properly taste the food at that point.

It was thru' this dinning session that I learnt about the differences between blood types. For those who are interested, you can find more about blood types on Wiki.

Initially I thought the food would be bland, but surprise surprise the food actually tasted good! We had a lamb burger that was well seasoned and in large portions. We also had a turkey pizza with nicely baked crust, and turkey meat that were slightly burnt in order to provide that meaty flavour (well I liked it slightly burnt).

The other thing I liked about the restaurant was their drinks. They served us lemon grass, and ginger chilled drinks, that were very nicely blended and not too over-powering.

All in all, the meal cost about $40 for two, and I thought that is a decent price for a full meal at Shenton Way area.

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