Monday, December 28, 2009

Movie - Avatar 3D ... Simply Fantastic!

We've just watched Avatar in 3D today and it was simply fantastic! The official website of Avatar is here.

The 3D effects of the movie is great and there are noticeable depth differences for most scenes. Some of the scenes even give that 'images floating out of the screen' effect, e.g. there was a scene at the tree of souls and the floating seeds simply floated around, giving a feeling that they were floating to my face. You need these glasses below to watch the movie in 3D. For those who are not used to watching such shows, do eat something before the movie or else you may feel nauseous due to the 3D effect.

The CGI is also the most advance so far for these sci-fi movies. Of course, all these were made possible and that is why it took so many years before the technology is advance enough to make a movie like the Avatar.

As for the plot, well, the story flow is somewhat predictable. A guy was thrown into a warzone, he met a girl, learned about the girl's culture, fell in love with her, got caught between the conflicting cultures, war broke out, he fought for his new 'homeland' and justice, sweet ending. Yupz, typical I guess. For those who are interested to find out more about the Avatar movie, here's the wiki.

What is more interesting is the questions raised by the show, i.e. the reminder about the effects of colonial imperialism, the uncontrolled capitalism and the resultant greed / destruction, and the corruption of certain individuals who want to feel that they are in control / power regardless of the costs.

It is also to the credit of the producers that they can narrate so much of the new world in this movie of a few hours and yet make the whole plot realistic. The actors / actress are great in conveying their emotions / conflicts. It is actually amazing to see CGI characters reflecting such clear emotions in their faces.

Ok ok, for those who have not watch the movie, go watch it (in 3D please) and be amazed by the advance of movie technology. I think after this Avatar movie, there should be more movies employing such technology. I wonder when will the sequel be out.

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