Monday, June 22, 2009

Singapore River Festival 2009

Singapore River Festival 2009 has started! It actually started on Friday and the whole event will last from 19th to 27th June. There is a whole host of events planned and more details could be found on their website.

Some of the promotions, including free river taxi tours and free late night museum tours, can be interesting. There are also magic shows and some open air concerts I think. We were there on Friday and witnessed some of the more colour boats 'parading' down the Singapore River.

Central also ran some promotions in conjunction with the event. There were $5 vouchers given away free, and the only trick is that you need to make your way to the concierge at the Central to exchange for these vouchers. Vouchers are exchanged with these pamphlets.

There is also the SMS version instead of the 'Scratch & Win'.

We saw some folks with a $50 voucher! I guessed that is from the lucky draw rather than these pamphlets. Yupz, if you spent more than $80 in a single receipt, you could participate in a lucky draw, and also use $1 to exchange for a special 'coin'. The special coin could be exchanged for limited number of ratehr valuable items, e.g. free handphones!

Anyway, we only got the $5 vouchers, and promptly spent it at the Starbucks. :p Go and take a look at the Singapore River Festival before it ends on 27th June!

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