Sunday, June 14, 2009

Singapore police officer fired at a car!

It is rare to hear of Singapore police opening fire in peaceful and crime free Singapore. BUT according to this news on Channel News Asia, a police officer had no choice but to open fire at a vehicle when the vehicle tried to evade a road block.

Here's the exact quote from the news.
A police officer opened fire at a vehicle in the wee hours of Saturday morning to avoid being run over.

According to the police, a man had driven against the flow of traffic and tried to run over the officer to evade a road block shortly after 1am.

As his life was in imminent danger, the officer drew his revolver to fire a single shot at the front wheel of the car. No one was injured and the public was not endangered at any point in time.
I think the driver must be quite drunk or not a local. In Singapore, anyone who tries to be funny with the security forces will definitely face serious consequences, and most of us will know that.

I think after this incident, more road blocks will be set up to screen cars. Drivers, drive carefully!

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