Monday, June 15, 2009

Singapore has 40 H1N1 cases now!

It is somewhat scary. This morning the number was just 34 cases, and now there is a total of 40 cases of H1N1.

Seems like the number is rising pretty fast. I wonder if we would reach the same state as Australia where the number is now sort of beyond control? There are also cases where the persons returned from Manila, i.e. not just US or Australia anymore. Quote from the news

The 37th case, a 41-year-old Singapore PR female and the 38th case, an 8-year-old Singapore PR female, are mother and daughter who went to the Philippines on May 30 for a family visit.

The mother developed symptoms on June 13 before she boarded the plane, while the daughter had symptoms while on the plane. They returned to Singapore from Manila on Singapore Airlines SQ915 at 1132 hours on June 13.

So yupz I guess I better start buying masks soon. :)

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