Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beautiful rainbows after a rainy day

Yesterday (and today actually) was a rainy day. While I was crossing the bridge during the evening, I saw a group of passer-by staring at the sky. Out of curiosity I stopped, and realised that they were looking at a beautiful rainbow. I guess with such natural beautiful scenes, anyone would have stopped for a moment of appreciation. In fact, right behind me were couples taking snap shots of the rainbow.

The sunlight was sufficient to create rainbow at multiple locations. After a bus ride towards the east part of Singapore, I saw another rainbow when I alighted from the bus! With the approaching evening and darkening sky, the second rainbow wasn't as vivid in colours compared to the first (pic below).

I was told that someone actually captured photos of two rainbows in one shot and sent the photo to the evening dailies! Yupz, this wiki entry explains the formation of the double rainbows.

Rainbows are indeed beautiful, and it is a wonderful feeling to look and appreciate one when available.

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