Tuesday, December 16, 2008

OG giving away free pearls!

I was shopping at the OG near Bugis Junction and bought a pair of shoes. The cashier gave me a voucher and said that I could exchange it for a pearl. Apparently any expenditure in a single receipt would entitle the person to exchange for a free pearl. Somewhat skeptical about it, but I decided to see what was this 'pearl thing' about.

Surprise - it was really a pearl! It's a freshwater pearl, and to prove its authenticity, the person 'opened' the shell in front of me, and took out the pearl before throwing the 'oyster' into the dustbin. I saw a lot of other oysters in the dustbin.

You could still see the pinkish pearl in the oyster before the person took it out to dip in plain water. Ok ok I found out later that this has been going on for quite some time, and so those who frequent OG wouldn't be surprised. In fact I think the frequent patrons would have a collection of fresh water pearls now.

Heh but it was still a fun experience to see the actual real-life shelling of the oyster to take out a pearl. I wonder how much does each pearl cost... hmmm.

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