Thursday, December 25, 2008

My one year experience with Adsense

Late last year around end December I decided to try out Internet advertising on blogs. I got interested from reading those stories about people earning their full income from blogging.

Naturally the 1st thing to do is to subscribe to Google Adsense, and I must say the whole process is relatively easy. Next step is to start reading up on those books and articles about blogging income.

The funny thing is that the books about Internet advertising always advise the readers that it is extremely hard to earn the full income from blogs. Mostly, blog adverts will hardly cover the coffee expenses. It is true. Lolz. After a year of fun maintaining 3 different blogs (this personal blog plus 2 other interests specific blogs), with average monthly posts of 8, 6, and 2.5 posts, the average earning per month is definitely not enough to cover my daily cup of kopi expense.

Nonetheless, it was a fun experience. It was only when I put adsense on the blog would I start to notice and try out other blog applications like music apps (e.g. imeem), blog stats tracker (sitemeter & clustermap), message boxes (cbox & shout mix)... etc. One would also realise the importance of blog aggregators like and The two occasions when my blog posts got listed on top 10, the publicity resulted in me having a large spike in visitorship.

Oh well, while the money is not a lot, it was fun chatting with fellow bloggers about how to drive traffic, and explore other income earning apps beside adverts, e.g. Zlio. It was also enriching to try out different blog layouts and templates. Hmm but I had enough fun, and so I think I would blog less from now.

A friend once said that bloggers are exhibitionists, while blog readers are peeping toms. The comment was made becos' it seemed to him that I 'exposed' a lot of my private activities online. That's not true, lolz, but yah I will be less of an 'exhibitionist' from now on I guess.

And yupz, Merry X'mas to all!

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