Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lights, Lanterns, & Mid-Autumn Fest @ Chinatown - Part 2

After walking down Chinatown and having a great dinner of porridge, we reached the temple housing the 'Buddha Tooth'. There was some lanterns competition, as well as 12 lights display featuring the Twelve Zodiac animals. It was a nice experience watching the entire rows of lanterns, checking out the words written on them (mostly details of the participants), and these lights added much 'mood' to the event. :) Walking around the temple surrounded by lanterns reminded me of those childhood times when large groups of kids would bring their lanterns and take a walk in parks.

I like the innovative designs of some lanterns, and there were also road side stalls selling quite interesting lanterns. There was even one stall selling SpongeBob SquarePants lanterns! Lolz. Others offered more 'usual' designs including those 'robots' and Disney stuff.

The display lights featuring the Twelve Zodiac Animals were so-so only. They added moving parts to make the display more interesting, but I find the display looked a bit 'fake' somehow. I can't exactly relate the Twelve Zodiac Animals with Mid-Autumn Festival. Maybe they re-use those deco pieces from Chinese New Year. :p

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