Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stop & Smell the Flower

Life is strange sometimes, we often hurried too much and missed what beautiful moments life has to offer. In the midst of 'accomplishing things' and keeping up to the somewhat crazy n competitive pace of modern living, we simply missed those 'moments of life'.

That struck me one day when I was walking home. Walked past the beautiful LASALLE building and thought I'm somewhat odd compared to the crowd there. Then I realised that I'm simply walking too fast, compared to the leisure pace of the students and the foreign workers resting there. I slowed down the pace somewhat, and that's when it struck me that heh, slow down, enjoy the evening sunset, smell the flowers, and simply 'live'!

That is when I realised that heh, we have beautiful sunsets here!

And the flowers are nice. Reminded me of those poems that ask you to smell the flowers and 'live' when you have the chance.

Didn't realise that we have so many shades of the flowers along our roadside.

Ironically, sometimes our foreign friends seem to know how to enjoy these moments better than us the locals. Watching them sitting by the pavements and catching up with each other, eating simple dinners and sharing news and jokes, made me realised how much of an 'ant' have I become...hurrying here and there daily. Lolz.

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Anne said...

Yup... that's true.

We are urban people who are too busy chasing after fame, power and money until the day we drop dead.

It is sad that not many of us know the true value of happiness.

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