Monday, April 28, 2008

A Day at the Zoo!

I was at the Singapore Zoo. :) The zoo has changed quite a fair bit since I was last there many years ago. The animals have more rooms to move about, and some of the animals are actually 'sort of' free roaming. This monkey is the first to greet the visitors and there are no barriers separating the monkeys from visitors.

Of course, in a place where we can appreciate animals, we must also remember to do our part for the mother Earth. So there was this booth located quite near to the monkey. Sorry, can't recall the name of this species :p

Different people have their own types of favourite animals, and for me it would be the feline family! There is the white tiger as well as the cheetah! The white tiger is somewhat lazy, and a bit unfriendly, lolz.

There is only a glass panel separating the cheetah from the visitors, and the cheetah actually moved quite close to the glass. I watched a video at the cheetah enclosure, and it seemed a wild cheetah actually walked up to a photographer, licked his hands, before moving away from the humans. Lolz. Friendly cat. It is a pity there are not many wild cheetahs left. Here's a pic of the cheetah, and guess what was it doing?

Watched the Splash Safari show, and was pretty entertained by the sea lion. Hmm there was also this nosy pelican near the sea lion (behind the sea lion).

On the way out, we visited the giraffe, and were on time to see them feeding. They are tall!

The zoo is definitely worth a visit, with sufficient attractions to make it a full day affair! Here's the pic of the map.

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