Friday, April 11, 2008

More insects in my room...zzz

Hate it when the weather changes from sunny to rainy to sunny in such short period of time. When the weather changes like that, there will somehow be many insects in my room.

Firstly I got invaded by the termites (with their wings on)... and followed by the spiders who are hunting for them. See the pic below? That's one very obscure corner between the computer table and the bed, i.e. hard to clean area. You can see both the spider and the termite in the pic. The yellow and blue 'strings' are the computer cables.

After the termites and spiders... come ants... and last night mosquitoes... zzz...mosquitoes can fly over 20 plus levels to reach my room...wah long distance flyers... zzz ... sianz.

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