Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cows Re-spotted Roaming in Singapore!

Wonder if anyone remembers seeing life-size cartoon cows postcards right in the middle of empty fields in Singapore? It was an advertising gimmick by a company... and I can't remember the name though. Was it M media?

Anyone...they are back! This time round the cows are flying, and under surveillance too! Beats me why cows which can fly need to be under surveillance... maybe the owners are scare that they will fly away... muaa haa haa.

Anyway they have more than just cows for this round. There are also big postcards of women... lolz.

I must say that the efforts are quite commendable and effective. People will notice these ads, and possibly contact the company to place similar ads. Lolz, wonder what will they do next? Cows in superman or batman attires? kekeke.

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