Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kelly Services' Salary Guide & salary.sg website!

Wah... was glancing thru tomorrow.sg's sites when I came across the Kelly Services' Salary Guide for 2007. Hee for those who want to check out how the market was doing in 2007, this should be useful. Eh but it didn't say whether the salary includes bonus... maybe there would be some details on the website. They even have the previous year (2006)'s guide online as well.

Hmm but the details may not be that useful for majority... I seem to recall that average household income in Singapore for 2007 is not that high despite the income rising to $6280. Err household income... assuming dual income... means people earning about $3k plus on average? Lolz... so who should use the Kelly Services' guide... I dunno... is there any other salary guides around? Seems to recall there is one released by the official authorities?

In the search for that official website, I came across this very very interesting site: salary.sg. It has this function that tells you where you stand in today's society... haiz... ranking takes on a different meaning...zzz. The site even has some top 100 jobs in Singapore for 2007! Hmm btw how much does a blogger earn?

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