Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Jumper" is a crap movie

Watched the movie "Jumper" this weekend. I think it sucks.

Why? Cos' the show focused too much on the couple. So many things are left unexplained, e.g. why the Paladins hate jumpers? Colin, the paladin, said that the power to jump should not be owned by a human and only God should have it, and that jumpers all turned bad eventually... heh... so what exactly is the background for such accusation? More details pls ....zzz

And the equipment of the paladin... nothing much was explained about it. I thought the electric hook thing is quite cool... and that 'power generator thing'... but again nothing much was explained.

I also think the plot should have more substance... common' the main character is acting precisely like a 'himbo' zzz... can add more substance to him? And Griffin's lair... there are so much more that could be explained there... those details on his walls... what are they? So Griffin's parents have been killed when he was a kid... but then who taught him about the history of Jumpers / Paladins? The third jumper who was killed earlier... who is he? Any jumper organisation... etc etc... nthg... zzz...

O.k. rant enough... should have watched other shows and not waste money on this one... :p my fault.

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