Monday, December 24, 2007

Termites in my room

zzz... have been facing this problem for years... every now and then, especially during rainy periods, there would be these insects flying around. We called them 'jiu bang' in hokkien which translates to be 'water mosquito' simply cos well... when there is water around, you wld see them. These insects are attracted to light... so we wld palce a basin of water near some light source and the insects would get trapped onto the water surface.

Irritating cos they actually eat wooden stuff... and yah I think they are termites swarms actually. Initially I thought they are winged ants, till I found out from the websites they are not. My room got quite some wooden and paper stuff so I'm always irritated when these termites appear. I wld catch them and throw them out of the window... and what's more irritating is that with these termites around... the spiders would come too... and it is weird seeing small spiders catching these termites under my bed... haiz. Then the ants would come... so end up my room is full of funny insects... these termites shed their wings and left little transparent thingy on the ground ... zzz

here's some info I got from '' and the pictures... cos the insects are too small and I can't capture them using my phone camera

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