Monday, December 17, 2007

Proper meal consists of 1, 2, 4 or more dishes?

Was chatting with some friends about how many dishes make a meal. Seems like some folks decided that only if there are 3 dishes or more then would a meal be considered complete... hmm in view of the recent food prices increase I guess his price of a meal would be a lot more expensive compared to mine... Guess that's time to cut down on food (and more importantly weight!). Oh, is fried egg considered a dish? Dunno...

My dinner today is just 1 'dish' - fried mee hoon.... with egg, carrots, pork slices. Yah pretty satisfactory. Used to add in pork knuckles but seems like those from China are banned for now so too bad. Read an article about seafood from China Fujin... a bit scary... sigh someone must teach me how to 'eat air' if everything edible is also somehow poisonous...zzz... maybe air is also polluted, then how?

Oh since we are on this topic of food... here's some more pics... this is from a stall near Bugis Village, just next to the busstop. 3 bbq squids for $2... yummy... but yah could cause cancer (but I still eat it often ahem).

And here's a nice cake heh heh heh:

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