Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The NDP website!

heh this NDP site is pretty cool with quite a fair bit of features (consumes bandwidth though so may be slow)...

Found the animations done by Singapore Poly...not bad. And they even have 'anchor bloggers' to blog abt the events...with blog battles... err the blog battle is somewhat cheesy as a concept... but prizes are again not bad.

Hmm and also got a separate website (there is no link on the main page that leads to this site wor...dunno why)... which got more stuff! Check out the mash-ups.... hmm and there is also the F1 drive through but you need Google Earth installed...
There is also a mash-up that shows the locations of all the IP Cameras... not sure of what use it would be... but I guess it helps others to create more mash-ups...


No I didn't create any mash-up yet... guess I would but err mash-up of what...kekeke life story? A fren of mine did that... map mash-up of his life story, i.e. place where he was born, attended army (Tekong lah), worked, current working place...etc... hmm interesting siah.

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