Sunday, February 11, 2007

A mini update

Had a hectic past month, and so didn't have chance to blog. Spare time spent on setting up an old ECA blog for frens so that we could maintain long distance contacts. Guess recently too many sudden arrows and so no real mood to sit down and blog.

Heh, cooking indeed comes with practice... after a long time without cooking, i tried chicken stew (oni successful dish so far), and it tastes only o.k... not as good as I thought it wld be. Well guess one must cook for a few times per month at the very least.

Recently read in the papers that there are more jobs and better pay out there now (25% pay hike!)... wow, very tempting. If not for those arrows, I wld have spend more time looking around heh heh heh... guess after CNY and see how. Also saw in the papers about some poliical stuff... abt sand. Here's an interesting article

Am still playing my WoW (my Blood Elf Mage!)... but interest level dropping.. cos err... played too much online games le bah...

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