Wednesday, October 19, 2005

History of my Alternate Selves

Since I play online games on a frequent basis (some say addicted), thought it might be nice to note down the whole chain of games I played....

Sometime end last year, was bored with playing single person games. Was playing Pharoah then, the city building game by Sierra. There is so much one can be thrilled by building virtual cities, esp when you have to rebuild the city in each scenario...

So end up looking for online games to play.
Played Gunbound initally, a game played by old and young. Basically a 2D shooter games. Since playing game is not my forte, i never developed the instinctive feel to correctly target the opposite parties... by the way many kids play this game from around the world. So there is much fun interaction, with players in Europe, US, Middle East, Asia...etc. This was also the time when I realised how distinctive Singaporean can be, even in the online world. We used words in a manner that not many other people would be used to, and in some sense, our use of 'words' are also different from our friends in Malaysia. Quite fun to play in a 'room' with fellow singaporeans actually.

Then I stopped, cos well I wanted to play some RPG then. So I tried A3, a very nice game. THis is more matured, with plenty of hacking of monsters ...etc. Nice graphics, nice system. Why did I stop? Cos of the online culture of the players... the nature of the game (kill monster) is such that players are to quarrel among themselves, with vulgarities and threat to meet outside to fight. Strange, it is only a game.... so I stopped. Went back to GunBound for a week, and left, cos I lost the 'feel' totally such that I get killed in every game.

Played Maple Story (till now) from end June 05. Fun, less violent with more kids around. The arguments are much less, with occasional accusation of ks (Kill Steal) but in general a fun game. Met many nice folks and quite an encouragement to continue playing when you actually made friends and maintain contacts with them in the Maple Story world. Now in Bootes channel, and just created a new 'baby' character. Haa!

Not sure if I would move on to play other games, like WoW, maybe if I'm bored one day with Maple... Tried MythOnline once, but errr don't like it as much.

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