Sunday, October 02, 2005

Early morning... confused person writing...

Went Attica just now. Well nice, but eh the crowd not as young as China Black or Momo....quite different crowd. Smaller dance floor too. Reached home 3am... and hee started playing my Maple again.

Sigh didn't level up, cos I'm too sleepy... but yah, straight after the alcohol cleared up, I actually can't sleep. Maybe will read my comics. Oh well, I slacked too much, and didn't really read the notes for the 'audit' subject...sigh, will do so on Sunday ( if i remember...)

Need to buy more clothes le...sigh which means I'll go into another debate with whoever is shopping with me about which colour suits me... last conclusion was to buy more patterned shirts. Oh and my sis bought me a shirt...thanks...

Nope, I'm not fussy about my shirts / clothes or even skin tone, but after being 'critised' again and again, oh well, should do something about it. The strangest thing is that other than skin tone (I need to get darker), no 2 different groups can ever agree / give same comments about my clothes. So I also confused... even hair style too, some said short hair, some said 'make it straight', some said longer... aiyah dunno lah... whatever...zzzz

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