Saturday, August 27, 2005

Touching Day (from my previous blog)

(28th May 2004)
Had my farewell dinner last nite with my colleagues at Amara Hotel, Element cafe... wah hmm very touched by their good wishes and wat they felt abt me... ;) Chatted quite a bit and had some interesting conversations... they wanna make me say a speech, but seriously I dunno wat to say, so many things happening in these two years yah?
Each of them reminded me of different scenes, different thoughts, and when I looked at them again, another scene appeared in my mind... haa, so ended up a beri beri bad speech... heh..
Even though a few of them not ard but I still very touched, haa haa getting a bit sentimental yah..
Eh they got a two shirts and a lava lamp for me! :) And cards filled with words... seldom received cards filled with so much words... hee
Wore the shirt they give me today... hmm watched The day after tommorrow... o.k. show, interesting CG... haa can watch yah...
Hmm looks like I'm going to spend the next two weeks at the Lib at Orchard liao... gotta study study... sigh...

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