Saturday, August 27, 2005

IKEA (from my previous blog)

(1st June 2004)
Went IKEA with an old fren and her husband... then shop shop ard for things (not me, I juz look look). Chat chat abt old frens we know, and realised many folks tying the knot soon, hmm a bit frightening that we wld lose our freedom yah? ;p maybe having the rite ger wld make it worth it.. haa haa. My fren abt 6 months pregnant liao, so she's going to be a mum soon!! Wah, can't imagine, a bundle of joy calling u 'Mum/Dad'... eh...
Still quite amazed at the innovative stuff that IKEA has, hmm the way they design kitchen appliances.. haa quite interesting... Eh the room designs all quite gd, but seriously i think i won't be able to duplicate in my room, cos lighting and items different lah, hmm can't imagine my table not cluttered with stuff... just not possible yah...
Oh went gym before that... eh put on weight again... now 63.2... must be the buffet and lack of exercise last week...
sigh, ran 2.5km (plus cool down, it's abt 2.6++), hmm but speed slow, cos i still a bit unwell leh. Once got hols then i fall sick, wah lau, weak!! Going gym abt 4pm is good, no one ard, so almost felt like i got my own private gym haa haa! ;p
Start of the week, many of my frens gone overseas (China, London, and soon one to France)... others got job or their own marriage prep to do... left me alone, hanging ard .... o.k. me had fixed a lot of lunch and dinner appts, so no sweat! ;p
Oh well... going lib more often yah... but hopefully that place not too crowded... hmmm maybe I shld make a trip to Shanghai... just to see see... hee

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