Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bak Chor Mee - Seng Huat Coffeeshop @ Hougang

Ever crave for bak chor mee at unearthly hours, say near mid-night? Well if you do, you could travel to Hougang for a bowl of yummy bak chor mee at the Seng Huat Coffeeshop! It is located straight next to Hougang Mall and right opposite the HDB office. Parking (for those who drive) is plentiful with two open air carparks nearby, and those who prefer the public transport could take the MRT to Hougang.

Seng Huat Coffeeshop Bak Chor Mee
Well I visited at slightly better hours, about 8 plus pm on a weekend and there are just about 6-7 customers in front of me, i.e. not a bad queue. The bak chor mee has received many awards and won many praises among the food connoisseurs. There are quite a number of articles and the owners put them up as plaques at his stall.

We tried both the bak chor mee (actually it is dried kway tiao) as well as the fishball noodles. Adding the anchovies to the noodles gave a nice crunchy texture, and the different ingredients were cooked just nice (unlike places where the liver is over-cooked). Sauce, i.e. the chilli and vinegar, is well balanced and brings out the flavour of the bak chor. Perhaps I had too high an expectation about the bak chor mee, and thus I would say it is good, but somehow didn't meet the high imaginary oomph standards that I had in mind... the curse of being famous I guess.  

Surprisingly though, we find the fishballs way exceeding our expectations. The texture / feel when you bite into the fishball is addictive and you would guess immediately that these are hand made fishaballs. Good size and great taste! So I guess I should amend my opening paragraph slightly... when you have cravings for fishball noodles at unearthly hours, do drop by Seng Huat Coffeeshop!

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