Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunset Grill & Pub (Seletar Airbase) - Hot Wings

Sunset Grill & Pub is located at an obscure part of the Seletar Airbase. Honestly speaking the cafe is very hard to find, but nonetheless it is quite famous for food-seekers of a particular type - hot wings.

Sunset Grill & Pub is not the most beautiful restaurant or that the ambiance is fantastic (unless you happen to like the army camp feel, with heavy smell of mosquito coils lingering in the air. So most folks do go there for the simple reason that they served very special spicy buffalo wings. The spicy buffalo wings have ratings from 1 - 10, to indicate their spiciness. Of course, they do offer wings with ratings beyond 10, all the way to 35. Folks who attempted wings beyond rating 30 will get certificates and a place on their wall of fame.

Actually, most people who tried wings rating 30 and beyond will end up in bed or worse the hospital, so please don't try. I'm perfectly fine with wings of ratings 3 or even 5. Their sauce for the wings had a certain pungent acidic taste, which led me to believe that they added other spicy ingredients other than chilli. Order for wings is at a minimum of 6 wings. Not my type of chicken wings, but everyone has their own version of 'taste' I suppose.

For those who want to get a bit of 'hotness' on their tongues and in their stomachs, here's the address of Sunset Grill & Pub - Republic of Singapore Flying Club, 140-B Piccadily, Seletar Airbase East Camp. Tel: 6482 0244. They are closed on Tuesday, and even on normal days Sunset Grill & Pub can be quite crowded, so go early if you want to.

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