Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dunman Road Food Centre - Popiah & Satay Mee Hoon

It is increasingly hard to find good hawker food in Singapore, and thus it is always a good idea to share with others where to find good hawker food.

One such place is the Dunman Road Food Centre. There are a number of good local hawker fare, and I've snapped photos of the satay mee hoon as well as the popiah.

The popiah costs $1.30 per roll. The nice or unique part about the popiah is that deep fried lard bits are added into the popiah. That adds to the fragrance of the popiah with more crunchiness.

The other stall worth trying is the satay mee hoon. The satay sauce has a certain 'spicy curry powder' fragrance and more importantly there is a lot of ingredients in this plate of satay mee hoon! The uncle added liver, meat, cockles, kang kong etc, that ensured each mouthful of mee hoon would be accompanied by some ingredients.

The other stalls at the Dunman food centre that are worth trying include the rojah (i.e. mixed salads), fried kway teow, and the frog leg porridge. Nope I don't have any photos of these dishes to show, but yes I've tried them before and found the food tasty. So for those who missed such hawker food, make your way down to Dunman Road and try these stalls out!

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